Room Rates & Descriptions


Policies: Lodging & Sustainability

Lodging Policies:

Reservations: We use Availability Online to schedule reservations. Check Room Availability here.

Minimum Stay Requirements: for scheduled major event & holidy weekends we require a two night minimum stay. Check our minimum night stays here.

Reservations require a deposit equal to a one night stay or 50% of the total for two or more nights. Deposits, less $25, are refundable only if the reservation is canceled at least 10 days prior to arrival. If the reservation is canceled less than 10 days prior to arrival, the deposit is forfeited. $25.00 per each additional person in a room.*

*Children under the age of 10 are taken on an exception basis. For clarification on this policy, please contact us: 603-528-1990 or

Should a guest wish to change rooms during their stay, a $25 linen exchange fee will be assessed.

All rooms include breakfast.

We do NOT accommodate additional guests on cots, sleeping bags, etc.

9% NH Room and Meals Tax additional.

Cash or Check Only--Credit Cards are NOT accepted.

Check-in after 3 PM. Check-out by 10 AM.

Shaker Woods Farm is smoke-free and no candles are allowed. If we are required to clean a guest room or any area of the B&B due to smoke odor/damage, we will assess a $200.00 cleaning fee.

We cannot accommodate guests' pets.

Alcoholic Beverages: We do not have a liquor license, however, guests are welcome to bring their own. We provide refrigeration, glassware and ice. We request guests NOT eat or drink in their rooms--we have dining tables for guest use.

WiFi is available upon request.

Sustainability Policies:

Guests are instructed on our sustainability procedures upon check-in. We are pleased to further discuss our sustainability practices with our guests.

Solar Panels: On average we generate 99% of our electricity from solar panels. We installed a 20 panel (3,600 watts) photovoltaic (PV) solar panel array on our tractor barn and a 24 panel (4,680 watts) PV panel array on our main roof. We also have a three panel thermal hot water system that pre-heats our domestic hot water. Our monthly PV production charts are available at

We have motion-detector controlled lighting in all common areas for safety purposes. Many other lights are on timers to save energy. Where possible CFLs, LEDs or low-wattage lighting devices are used.

We ask guests to turn off lights when their room is not occupied and to setback the HVAC controls during off-premise hours. Our B&B is heated with high efficiency gas heaters and cooled with Energy Star rated A/C units. All guest rooms are also equipped with ceiling and window fans. We monitor lights and setback HVAC controls when common areas are not occupied.

Our domestic hot water is modulated to 120 degrees to prevent scalding.

Other conservation practices include, but are not limited to:

conserving water with low-flow water devices,
we normally change individual bed linens after the third night's stay and towels after two days,
recycling of paper, plastic and glass,
organic composting, gardening, native plant landscaping and early am watering practices,
using more environmentally-friendly cleaning products,
installing energy efficient appliances, and
office practices, such as: double-sided printing, sending reservation confirmations electronically and refurbishing furniture.

We participate in the NH Sustainable Energy Association's annual Green Buildings Open House.

We are seeking certification with the NH Sustainable Lodging & Restaurant Program and encourage other innkeepers to do likewise.

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