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Goat milk is a fragile miracle of nature that cannot be synthetically reproduced. It is unique in natural moisturizing and skin nourishing properties, sometimes described as "nature's liposome." Milk delivers vitamins A & C, as well as calcium, directly to the skin, making it healthier and smoother. Glycerin, created during our homemade soapmaking process, helps skin retain its natural moisture. Goat milk soaps are soothing to the most sensitive skin -- often recommended for those with eczema. Our soaps are made with naturally saponified vegetable oils (primarily olive oil) and contain no animal fat. 25% of the basic soap is milk -- the largest single ingredient. Some recipes contain natural ingredients to give an exfoliating quality to the soap. Homemade soap varies in color from pale yellow to dark tan depending on the ingredients, so don't expect all varieties to look the same. We use no artificial coloring, synthetic fillers or additives. Recipe variations are noted on the soap wrappers.

Updated: 19 JULY 2019

CASTILE SOAPS: The most basic soap. Primarily olive oil with a bit of coconut oil for a nice lather with dense bubbles and beeswax for moisturizing.. These oils and the goat's milk make Castile soap best for the most sensitive skin. Castile soaps make wonderful complexion bars.

Callie's Comfort Castile: Olive oil is infused with calendula grown organically on our farm. Calendula petals are added for the ultimate in skin conditioning and soothing herbs. Lavender essential oil adds it's calmative property and a hint of fragrance.
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Castile: The plain version of Castile. No essential oils, no herbs added. Best for fragrance intolerance and sensitive skin, this is the most basic, gentlest soap you'll find.
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Honey Oatmeal Castile: Two natural healing and humectant ingredients. Honey's antimicrobial properties are well known to help soothe skin infection and inflammation. Fragrance free.
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Rhassoul Clay Deep Cleansing Bar: This ancient clay deeply buried under the Atlas Mountains in Morocoo is difficult to obtain. Rhassoul clay is rich in trace minerals that detoxify the skin. It remains a favorite with upscale spas and resorts for its deep cleansing properties.
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HERBAL SOAPS: These soaps are made with olive oil along with a blend of vegetable oils including soy, palm, coconut and beeswax for moisturizing qualities. Also with goat's milk, they are a very mild soap for sensitive skin, but produce a larger, fluffier bubble. They contain only true essential oils and herbs organically grown on our farm.

Fennel: Wonderful licorice fragrance of Fennel essential oil.
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Lavender: Includes ground lavender from our own herb beds and pure organic lavender essential oil. Well known for its skin stimulating and cleansing qualities as well as its calming aromatics, some also find lavender helpful for eczema and psoriasis.
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Lemongrass and Sage: All the benefits of Lemongrass with the spicy undertone of clary sage essential oil. A double application of anti-depressant and antiseptic properties.
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Lime and Rosemary: A refreshing combination that imparts the antiseptic and antibiotic properties of these two essential oils. This soap is great for trouble prone, combination or oily skin without drying after effects.
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Natural Nanny: Just the basic soap recipe with nothing added.
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Peppermint: Cool your senses with this one. Light and airy.
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Rosemary & Oatmeal: Ground Rosemary from our own herb beds and pure organic Rosemary essential oil make this soap a refreshing skin brightener. The oatmeal provides natural moisturizing and exfoliating.
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Rosemary Mint: An invigorating blend of rosemary and peppermint essential oils. This is a great wake up call for a morning shower.
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NOVELTY AND FRAGRANT SOAPS: These soaps are made using the same basic recipe as the Herbal Soaps but using Fragrant Oils for scent. Fragrant oils are synthetic compounds and should not be confused with plant derived essential oils.

Almonds & Oatmeal: For those who want exfoliating and love almonds, this is the best!

Bay Rum: Reminiscent of "old spice" it isn't quite as heavy a scent.
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Coconut Cream: Yummm. If you like coconut cream pies, this soap will have you looking for your favorite recipe.
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Green Apple: Think of fresh apples sliced up for apple pie or ready for the apple press for cider.
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Jasmine: Refreshingly clean scent of jasmine fragrant oil - - ah Spring.

Lilac and Lily: The NH State Flower, lilac, paired with the freshest lily fragrance. You can't miss this fragrance in May as beautiful blue and white spike blossoms flourish along with early pink lilies.
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Maple Sugar: March in New Hampshire, this scent fills the air as evaporators pour off sweet steam.
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Peaches and Cream: No need to wait for June in Georgia--have your peach parfait in the shower!
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Plumeria: Remember the lei on your first Hawaiian excursion? This is the flower! Relive the experience, or try this soap to see why you should go.
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Pricing: Each bar weighing a minimum of 4 ounces is $4.00.

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